Vivid Experience - Birmingham 2023


I’m alw aysvery im pres ed w ith the organisation and running ofthisevent,also the high standard ofthefood forsuch alarge am ountofpeople-I’lbebackinDecem ber! ROLLSROYCE WELCOME 2023 PAGE 3


For15 yearsVivid Experience hasdesigned and produced the very bestChristm as Partiesin the UK.Having builta strong and enviable reputation,w e are now w idely recognised asthe leadersin ourf ield,delivering unparaleled experiencesto our guestsyearafteryear. In 2022 we treated over90,000 guestsacros 4 venuesto an unforgetable evening ofdeliciousfood and daring entertainm ent.The feedback from guestsw as superb and ourplansfor2023 have raised the baronce again. Ihope you wilchose to join usthisyearforourbrand new Stargazerthem e.Your guestsw ilexperience the fulVIP treatm entw here decadence and elegance radiatesaround you from the m om entyou arive. Ihope you’ljoin usforan unforgetable party! Hayley Alton M anaging Director WELCOME TO CHRISTMAS PARTY WORLD; BIRMINGHAM’S FLAGSHIP CHRISTMAS PARTY VENUE STAGED AT THE NEC W ORLDCLASS CHRISTMAS PARTIES PAGE 5

Christm asPartyW orld,builtwithin Hal1ofBirm ingham ’sNEC,plays hostto arange ofChristm aspartiesthatrockthe world!Ourparties have becom e the stuf oflegend. Aw ard-w inning catering,m esm erising entertainm ent,electrifying production and enchanting Christm asthem ing on a staggering scale. W e workwith the verybestproduction and lighting com panies,set designers,choreographersand chefsto produce aw esom e Christm as partiesnow recognised asthe very bestin the country. Convenientlylocated on the edge ofthe country's2nd city,The NEC boastssuperb transportlinks.Itisnextdoorto Birm ingham International Airportand connected by a covered w alkw ay to the m ain line train station.A taxirank operatesfrom directly outside the venue and w e oferfree carparking on site. There are severalhotelsto suitalbudgetsw ithin a shortw alking distance ofthe venue,orThe NEC own af leetofbusesavailable to fery gueststo and from ,should the need arise. Sim ply the ultim ate Christm asparty venue. WIDELY RECOGNISED AS BIRMINGHAM’S FLAGSHIP CHRISTMAS PARTY VENUE,THE NEC PROVIDES A WORLD CLASS DESTINATION FOR WORLD CLASS CHRISTMAS PARTIES! THE VENUE


PAGE 9 “Asyou m ingle atthe entrance to Christm asPartyW orld 2023,awarm inviting glow seepsoutofthe partyvenue… ofering ateasing glim pse asto whatlieswithin!Once inside,the vistaism ind-blowing.Sparkling goldsand dancing beam soflightwhirloverhead,highlighting the partyscene in ful f low.The venue exudesclas and elegance togetherwith ahigh-spirited, vivaciousatm osphere. Asyou begin to m ake yourwaythrough to the m ain barareawhere friends and fam ilywait,the tem po ofthe evening beginsto change pace asthe nightstartsto show itsrealcharacter.The barsexude endles ,fast-m oving energy w hich addsto the electric atm osphere.You recognise upbeattunes ofw el-know n clas icsand funky beatsofm odern party tunesascarefree conversation buzzesaround. The cocktailbarisasbusy aseverasprofes ionalm ixologistsm ix and m ingle iconic drinks,w hile the m ain barsofertraditionalbeers,spirits,crisp winesand deliciouscanapésare ofered around the room foryou to sample. WITH A BRAND-NEW ‘STARGAZER’THEME FOR 2023,YOUR GUESTS W ILL EXPERIENCE THE FULL VIP TREATMENT WHERE DECADENCE AND ELEGANCE RADIATES AROUND YOU FROM THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVE. THE PARTY; STARGAZER

PAGE 1 Asyou take yourseatsfordinner,the focusm ovesto the m ain stage asthe evening’sentertainm entgatherspace again.Hand-picked w orld-clas circusentertainersperform the im pos ible w ith daring poiseand graceto abackdrop off iref lam esand m esm erising lighting. Asyou enjoyatastyfestive dinnerand relaxam ongstfriendsand coleagues,conversation isplentifuland f ine w inesf low .Asthe last spoonfulofdes ertisdevoured,the lightscutto an explosion of lightand sound on the m ain stage thatm arksthe beginning ofa dazzling f inale. After-dinnerentertainm entisplentiful–4 indoorfairground rides (including dodgem s,w altzerand tw istrides)w hirlinto action,w hile elsew here in the venue the fun casino opensitstables,fairground stalscom e to life,the profes ionalphotographercapturesgroupsof friendsw hile the 360 cam era spinsto life!W hile som e take cofee and chocolatesin aquieterarea,the dance f loorbeckonsforthose disco bunnieswith boundles energyand whose nightisstilyoung! And don’tforgetto sam ple am idnightbreakfastrol! Asthe evening drawsto an unwelcom e end,m em oriesofafun f iled nightare etched,asyou ref lecton a truly spectacularparty”

VENUE FACILITIES . Superb transportnetwork . Free carparking onsite . TheNEC islinked byacovered w alkw ay to the train station . Free cloakroom facilties . Fuldisabled acces . Designated taxipickup /drop of point . Please pre-book taxis . Birm ingham ’sleading and m ostpopularChristm aspartyvenue . Spectacular‘Stargazer’them ing throughoutthe award winning venue . W orld clas aerialactssuch asdouble trapeze,tandem rope and f lying silks . Barentertainm entincluding acro-balance and high tem po dance routines . Deliciouscanapé reception . 3-course dinner . Cofee & chocolates . M idnightbreakfast . Profes ionalCocktailBar* . Moet& ChandonCham pagneBar* . Fevertree Gin Bar* . Fairground rides:Dodgem s,W altzer,Tw ist& M iam i* . Afterdinnerdisco & profes ionalDJ . Casino tablesincluding Blackjack & Roulete * . Profes ionalgroup photography* *These item sare optional-there wilbe asm alcharge on the evening * Fun Casino -alprof itsare donated to ourchosen charity,The NSPCC AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE FROM THE MOMENT YOU ARRIVE. WHAT TO EXPECT

*Retail& 999 Night-Reserved exclusively forthose w orking in the retailindustry orem ergency servicessector, w ith a com petitive ticketprice on a m id-w eek night. * Al-Inclusive Nights-Ticketprice includeshouse w ine,prem ium beers,ciders,alcopopsand softdrinks. To com plywith ourlicensing policy,guestsm ustbe 18 orolderto atend oural-inclusive nights. W EPROMOTERESPONSIBLEDRINKING ATALLTIMES. ExVAT IncVAT W ednesday29thNovem ber £75.00 £90.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* Thursday30thNovem ber SOLD OUT Friday 1stDecem ber £75.00 £90.00 Saturday 2nd Decem ber £75.00 £90.00 Sunday3rd Decem ber £50.00 £60.00 RETAIL&999NIGHT* Tuesday 5th Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* W ednesday6thDecem ber SOLD OUT Thursday 7th Decem ber SOLD OUT Friday 8th Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 Saturday 9th Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 Sunday10th Decem ber £80.83 £97.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* Monday1thDecem ber £78.33 £94.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* Tuesday 12th Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* W ednesday13thDecem ber £50.00 £60.00 Thursday14th Decem ber £62.50 £75.00 Friday 15th Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 Saturday 16th Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 Sunday17th Decem ber £80.83 £97.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* Tuesday 19th Decem ber £80.83 £97.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* W ednesday20thDecem ber £80.83 £97.00 ALLINCLUSIVE* Thursday 21stDecem ber £62.50 £75.00 Friday 22nd Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 Saturday 23rd Decem ber £79.17 £95.00 PAGE 13 DATES & PRICES DATES & PACKAGES TO SUIT ALL BUDGETS

Catering isprovided byAm adeus-the superb m ulti-award w inning caterer.Am adeus’head chefleadsa talented team in the kitchen.M enusare freshly prepared each day on site using good quality ingredients,m uch ofw hich com esfrom localsuppliers. AMADEUS

PAGE 15 V -Vegetarian GF -Gluten Free DF -Dairy Free VG - Vegan GFA -Gluten Free Available DFA -Dairy Free Available MENU CANAPÉRECEPTION M iniature Abderdeen Angusbeefburgerwith sweetred onion m arm alade relish Crispy golden haloum ifrieswith a tangy sm oked tom ato ketchup V/GF Sm ooth chicken liverparfaitw ith English apple com pote on crisp crostini Sweetbaby belred peppersstufed with a fresh basilpesto houm ous V/VG/GF STARTERS Roasted vine ripened tom ato soup,drizzled w ith basiloiland topped w ith toasted pum pkin seeds V/GF/DF/VG OR Gin cured Scotish salm on w ith cold w aterking praw ns,a sw eetbeetrootm ayonnaise, fresh cucum berrelish,brioche crum ble and pea shoots MAINS Pan roasted breastofchicken,sage & thym e stuff ing,roasted has elback new potatoes, festive red cabbage,brus elsprouts,m aple roasted carots,pig in blanketand rich sm ooth gravy GFA/DFA OR Sweet& potato & red onion m arm alade seeded tarton roasted red peppercoulisand wilted wintergreens,topped with carotand courgete ribbons V/DF/GF/VG DESSERTS W arm indulgentchocolate brow nie w ith salted caram elice cream ,tofee sauce V/GF OR Baked m ascapone cheesecake,butery biscuitbase and jam m y bluebery compote V/GF/DFA/VGA OR A selection ofcheese,biscuits& hom em ade chutney GFA/V COFFEE& CHOCOLATES Freshly ground cofee,teasand chocolate truff lesserved from the cofee barin the room MIDNIGHTBREAKFAST Crispy bacon in f loured rols GFA Vegan sausagesin f loured rols V/GFA/DF/VG SPECIALDIETARY REQUIREMENTS Ifyou ora guesthave a specialdietary requirem ent,please m ention thisw hen placing your order.Fulalergen detailsare available on request.

RED 7 Rio Roca M erlot,Chile £23.50 There isbram ble fruit,ripe plum sand cedaron the palate w ith tightly grained tannins. 8 La Fam ile Lacas e,CabernetSauvignon,France £26.50 An easy-drinking,m edium -bodied wine with bram ble fruit,ripe plum sand som e subtle spice. 9 Tem pusTw o,Shiraz,Australia £27.00 Violetand purple in colourwith crim son red hues.Sweetplum and jam m yfruitswith lingering vanilaand cedarspice.The w ine ism edium -bodied w ith softtanninsand isperfectly suited to a variety ofred m eat dishesand tom ato based pasta dishes. 10 Old Station M albec,Argentina £30.00 W el-balanced acidity on the palate w ith f ine tanninsand a raspbery,apple,chery and cinnam on crum ble finish. 1 Neptune PointPinotNoir,New Zealand £32.50 M edium depth ofcolourwith atractive spicyberyand bram ble fruitsalong with blackcheries. 12 B & G ChateâuneufDu Pape,France £41.50 Deep cheryred in colourwith acom plexnose ofripe blueberyand plum and licorice hints.Rich on the palate,m ixing the characterofthe fruitw ith the w arm th ofthe spices,leading onto a round f inish w ith lively notesofm int. WHITE 1 Cape M arlin Chenin Blanc,South Africa £23.50 Fruitforw ard,fresh,fragrantand arom atic w ith tangerine,yelow and red plum sand nectarine notes. 2 LaFam ile Lacas e Sauvignon Blanc,France £26.00 Characterful,refreshing and vibrantw ith citrus,honey,nutsand elderf low erthisisw el-balanced and zesty. 3 Arcano PinotGrigio,Italy £27.50 Lightand fresh with inviting notesofripe Conference pearand adelicate yelow plum f inish. 4 Adobe Reserva,Chardonnay,Chile (Organic) £29.00 Unoaked,sunkis ed Chardonnaym ade from organicalygrown grapes.On the palate,itisabalanced, fresh and fruity w ine,w ith velvety texture and a persistent,enjoyable f inish. 5 Neptune Point,Sauvignon Blanc,New Zealand £31.50 Pure,f lavourful,intense and w el-structured w ith arom asand f lavoursofpas ion fruitand gras . 6 PetitChablisPasSiPetit,France £37.00 The fresh,wel-developed bouquetopenswith arom asofwhite-f leshed fruitand ahintofwhite f low ers.Aeration alow sa fresh,lively m ineralnote to em erge.Nice balance in the m outh betw een w hite-f leshed fruitand good m ineralacidity. DRINKS

PAGE 17 WATER 24 StilM ineralW ater(750m l) £4.00 25 Sparkling M ineralW ater(750m l) £4.00 FIZZ 15 La Fornarina Prosecco DOC Extra Dry,Italy (Vegan) £30.00 Delicate,slightly sw eetand particularly fruity 16 LouisRegnierGrand Reserve Cham pagne,France £40.00 A lum inousgold Cham pagne m ade in equalm easuresfrom the 3 m ain grapesofthe region.The palate show slovely fulripe fruitines ,enhanced w ith hintsofhoney,toastand balanced w ith an efervescentfreshnes . 17 LouisRegnierRose BrutCham pagne,France £45.00 A raspbery-pink,fragrant,redcurantand straw bery delight!AsthisRosé developsin yourglas w e discoverstone fruit,sloesand orange zest. 18 Moët& Chandon BrutIm perial(Vegan) £67.00 Fulofbody and f lavour,f ine and w elbalanced w ith an elegantf inish. 19 Veuve ClicquotYelow LabelBrut(Vegan) £72.00 Gold in colour,crisp and dry w ith a f ine persistentsparkle and citrushint. 20 Laurent-PerierCuvee Rosé £15.00 Like asum m erberypudding in aglas -red curants,rhubarb,raspberiesand strawberies abound with cream yand biscuitynotes. 21 Krug Grand Cuvee £210.00 Rich and opulent,ferm ented in oak barels.A benchm ark w ine. ROSÉ 13 Gold County,ZinfandelBlush,California £23.50 M ed-sw eet,lush red fruit,rhubarb and custard cream s.Fun in a glas . 14 M De Minuty CotesDe Provence Rose,France £36.00 A beautifulpale pink colour,w ith arom asofredcurantsgiving w ay to a fresh,yetw el-rounded palate ofering delicate f lavoursofpeachesand candied orange peel.

DRINKS PACKAGES 26 DrinksVoucher £5.80 Exchangeable forany single drink (excluding cocktails& cham pagne) 27 Botle Bucket £52.00 10 botlesofprem ium beersoralcopopsserved in an ice-cold bucketto yourtable 28 SoftDrinksBucket £23.00 10 glas botled softdrinksand m ixersin an iced bucket,served to yourtable 29 BotleofSpirits From £73.00 A 70clbotle ofprem ium spiritsserved to yourtable (1botle per10 guests) 30 SilverTable Package £120.00 A has le-free selection ofdrinksforyourtable!Thispackage includes3 botlesofhouse wine (red,w hite,rosé)10 chiled beers& cidersand a botle ofstil and sparkling w ater-on yourtable ready forw hen you take yourseats. 31 Gold TablePackage £205.00 The ultim ate startto yourevening!Thispackage includes2 ice-cold botlesof Cham pagne,3 botles ofsuperiorwine,(red orwhite)10 chiled beers& ciderand abotle ofstiland sparkling w ateron yourtable ready forw hen you take yourseats. 32 Prosecco Package £88.00 Add som e f izzto yournight!3 botlesofprem ium Prosecco,chiled and waiting foryou on your tables(s)asyou take yourseats. 33 Fairground Fun Package £10.00 Treatyourgueststo the fun ofthe fairafterdinner.Save m oneybypre-buying vouchersfor the fairground atractions.Get3 tokensfor£10 to use on the ridesorfun casino. (On the nightprice £4 each) 34 DrinksPackage 1* £50.00 Inclusive beers,house w ine,alcopopsand softdrinksalnight. 35 DrinksPackage 2* £62.00 Inclusive single spirits,prosecco,beers,house w ine,alcopopsand softdrinksalnight. *Drinkspackages(W ristbands)can only be purchased ifboughtforeach and every guestin the party. Alguestsm ustbuythe sam e package.i.e Partygroupscannotm ixDrinksPackage 1and 2. OFFERING GREAT VALUE -PRE ORDER ONLY DRINKS PACKAGES

PAGE 21 Aswelasofering m ixed partiesforgroupsof8 upwards,Christm asPartyW orld TheNEC is available forexclusive hire.During Decem berthe venue hasa high specif ication oflighting,sound, staging and them ing instaled,ofering greatcostsavings.The venue can be tailored to accom m odate a variety ofeventstyles. Form ore inform ation on exclusive hire,please em ailem ily@ HIRING THE VENUE EXCLUSIVELY £15.00 (incVAT)perperson non-refundable & non-transferable depositplusaone of booking fee of£4.50. Ifbooking les than 8 weekspriorto the party-FULL paym entisrequired. InternetBanking paym entsprefered -Please use Booking No (BM * )asreference. Bankdetailsforpaym ents:Vivid Experience Ltd,RevolutLtd.Sortcode:04-29-09 AccNo:10690727 Chequesm ade payable to ‘Vivid Experience Ltd’.One Cheque onlyperbooking please. Fulterm sand conditionsareonpage26. BOOKING INFO 1 Book online atbirm ingham christm and reserve ticketsfor10 days w ith no f inancialcom m itm ent. 2 W ithin10 dayspayyour£15perpersondeposit. 3 8 weekspriorto yourpartypayyourbalance,choose yourm enu and pre-orde yourwine. HOW TO MAKEA BOOKING BOOKING YOUR TICKETS

W hatan incredible evening!Am azing venue, atention to detailwasfabulousand the food wasdelicious.Good newsspreadsfastand we are doubling outnum bersfornextyear. NFUMUTUAL W e can’tstop talking aboutthe whole night. The whole evening waswelplanned;the service,the food and the entertainm entw as amazing. SARAH NUTTALL-BALFOUR BEATTY W e alhad a fantastic nightand the team gave excelentfeedback.Thank you. KATEARMITAGE-COCA COLA ENTERPRISES Couldn’thave asked form ore. Guestswho cam e w ith usw ere asking fordetailsforyour partiesnextyear! ANNETTELORD -VIRGIN MEDIA W hata fantastic Christm asparty. The room looked stunning and the entertainm entwas enticing.Greatfood and drinktoo! NAIMEAZMI-BRISTAN GROUP The service and food w asexcelent,the venue w asw onderful,asw asthe entertainm ent.It w ould def initely be a party Iw ould recom m end. MAURA W ILLIAMS-COTTON TRADERS

W hatisthe m inim um booking? Aswe neverm ixgroups,we have am inim um booking requirem entof8 guests. How do Ireceive conf irm ation ofpaym entsand booking from you? Alofourcorespondence isnow viaem ailso you receive everything from usin the m osteff icientway pos ible. AlInclusive Nights AlInclusive party nightsinclude inclusive house w ine,beer,alcopops,cider,biterand softdrinksalnight.It excludesspirits,cocktails,cham pagne and fairground atractionsand fun casino,how everthese can be purchased separately on the night. W hatdoesthe ticketprice include? The ticketprice includesentry to the party,canapé reception,3-course dinner,m idnightbreakfast,spectacular entertainm entand disco.Sm alchargesapply forthe fun casino,fairground ridesand stals. How do Ipayform ypartybooking? Ourprefered m ethod ofpaym entisviaan ElectronicBankTransfer.W e also acceptchequesm ade payable to Vivid Experience Ltd and debitorcreditcards. Isthere an age restriction? Guestsaged 16+ are w elcom e atthe venue,how everal-inclusive nightsare restricted to guestsaged 18+ only. W e operate ‘Chalenge 25’on alevenings,so you m ay be asked to presentID when purchasing alcohol. I’ve pre-ordered wine how do Icolectiton the night? Yourw ine w ilbe w aiting foryou (chiled ifsuitable)on yourtable asyou take yourseat.Anyalcoholpurchased beforeorduring theeventcannotberem oved from thevenue. Canweadd peopleto ourparty? Unles we are com pletelysold out,we’lalwaysdo ourbestto squeeze them in! DrinksVouchers: Drinksvoucherssave you m oney butm ustbe pre-ordered from the off ice oronline •1voucher= 1standard drink* •1voucher= 2 softdrinks* •2 vouchers= 1cocktail •3vouchers= 1glas ofMoetCham pagne *spirit& m ixer,beerorglas ofhouse wine *excludesRed Buland J2O Drinkspackages: W e’ve designed two drinkspackagesforthose wanting to enjoyinclusive drinkson the night. •Drinkspackage 1-Includesbeers,alcopops,house winesand softdrinks •Drinkspackage 2 -Includesbeers,alcopops,house w ines,prosecco,softdrinksplussingle m easure spirits You can onlyorderdrinkspackagesasawhole partygroup notindividualy.The sam e package m ustbe bought forthe whole group.Packagescannotbe m ixed. W hilstdrink packagesenable inclusive drinks,w e operate a responsible drinking policy and therefore alow up to two drinksatanyone tim e. FAQ’s

Can each m em berofourparty pay separately? Unfortunatelynot-paym entisonlyaccepted from the partyorganiser-m ultiple cheques/paym entswil otbe accepted. Isthere a cloakroom ? There wilbe afulystafed cloakroom foralgueststo leave belongingsfree ofcharge.Please note we cannotbe held responsible foranylos ordam age to item sleftin the cloakroom . Canwedo atableplanforourparty? Yesofcourse,we seatpartiesin groups,butyou are welcom e to com e and add yourown nam e placesto the table on the night. W hathappensifm y num berofguestsfalbelow the m inim um num ber? W e would require fulpaym entforthe m inim um requirem ent. W hen isthe latestIcan send m y m enu over? M enu choicesforeverym em berofyourpartym ustbe subm ited no laterthan 3 weeksbefore the eventaswe are unable to is ue e-ticketswithoutthissubm ited. W hen w ilIreceive m y tickets? As um ing we have received yourf inalbalance paym entand yourguestlisthasbeen com pleted along with yourm enu choices,yourticketsw ilbe sentoutvia em ailaround 2 w eeksbefore yourparty.Ticketsw il need to be presented to security on the night. Ihave afood alergy -do Ineed to telyou? That’snotaproblem -please inform am em berofourEventsteam when placing yourm enu choices. W e hold fulalergen inform ation in the off ice which can be sentto you upon requestand ourm enu can be adapted accordingly. Isthere acash baron the night? W e wilbe operating cashles bars.You wilbe able to m ake paym entsfasterbyusing yoursm artphone orby contactles card.There w ilbe no cash tilson site. How wilourgroup beseated? O urround tablesseatbetw een 8-12 people.Largernum bersare splitovertableslocated directly nextto each other.Youwilonlyeverbeseated withpeopleinyourparty,wedo notm ixgroups. Due to the am ountofchangeswe receive from custom ers,table plansare notcom pleted untilthe dayofthe partyand therefore we are unable to provide guestswith table num berspriorto the event. How doestheFunCasino work? £5wilbuyyou£10 offunm oneyforyouto gam bleonRouleteand Blackjack. Casino vouchersare available to be purchased priorto the eventand on the night. Alprof itsare donated to ourchosen charity,The NSPCC CarParking Parking isfree ofcharge.Once on site folow signsfor‘Xm asPartyW orld’.There are alarge num berofcar parking spacesavailable w ithin a shortw alk ofHal1.Carscan be leftovernightatthe ow nersrisk. W hatdo Iwear? O urguestslove geting dres ed up and itrealy addsthatextra specialfeeling to the night,so getthose glad rags outand sm arten up!Strictly no jeans,trainers,t-shirtsorsportsw ear.

Vivid Experience Lim ited –Term sofConditions 1.Booking Term s& Paym ents a.Bookingscan onlybeconf irm ed on receiptofthedeposit(of£15perperson) b.If,in the f irstinstance,you would preferto m ake atelephone enquiry,aprovisionalbooking can be held foram axim um of10 days. c.Should the depositnotbe received w ithin 10 days,the booking w ilautom aticaly be released. d.Depositpaym entservesasconf irm ation thatthese Term s& Conditionshave been read and thatthe party contracting w ith Vivid (hereinafter‘you’)and alguestsagree to abide bythese term sand conditions. e.Depositsare non-refundable in anyeventand paym entsdue can onlybe accepted from you. f.1f inalbalance paym entisrequired 8 weekspriorto the event.Bookingsm ade les than 8 weekspriorwilrequire fulpaym entwithin the earlierof10 daysfrom booking or tw o w eeksbefore the event. g.Non-paym entofthe f inalbalance by the due date wilrenderthe contractvoid. h.A VAT invoice wilbe is ued when paym enthasbeen received.A proform ainvoice m aybe is ued priorto receiptofpaym ent. i.The totalam ountdue on each invoice m ustbe setled with asingle paym ent.M ultiple paym entsare notaccepted. j.Debit/creditcard paym ents,bank transferorcheque paym entsare free ofcharge. k.Vivid alow s16’sand overinto the venue.How ever,guestsm ustbe 18 oroverto atend the ‘alinclusive’evenings. 2.Booking Changes a.Booking changesare only acceptable w hen received from you. b.Placesm ay be realocated should a party size drop. c.Vivid wilendeavourto accom m odate m enu ordetailchangesbutwilnotbe held responsible forfailure ofanychangesiftheywere com m unicated les than 2 weeksbefore the eventdate. d.Vivid regretsthatchangesto bookings,m enu choicesorwine orderscannotbe m ade on the dayofthe event. 3.Refundsand Cancelations a.W hole booking cancelationscan only be m ade by you and m ustbe m ade in w riting to Vivid atitsregistered off ice ofUnit8 W yclife IndustrialEstate,Luterw orth,Leicestershire LE17 4HG orsuch otheraddres thatVivid notif iesto you in writing.Cancelationsoverthe telephone cannotbe accepted. b.Depositsare non-refundable and non-transferable and cannotbe used foranyothergoodsorservicesprovided byVivid (including butnotlim ited to the balance paym entor drinksorders) c.Refundsofthe balance paym entwilbe calculated asfolows. i.Refund 100% les deposit,ifcanceled m ore than 56 dayspriorto youreventdate. i.Refund 75% les deposit,ifcanceled m ore than 28 daysbutles than 56 dayspriorto youreventdate. i.Refund 50% les deposit,ifcanceled m ore than 14 daysbutles than 28 dayspriorto youreventdate. iv.No refund,ifcanceled 14 daysorles priorto youreventdate. d.Refundswilbe paid byVivid assoon asreasonablypos ible within 21daysafterreceiving refund detailsfrom you. e.Refunded m onieswilbe returned viathe originalm ethod ofpaym ent. f.Should we be forced to canceloureventsdue to Governm entrestrictionssurounding Covid-19,fulticketrefundswilbe is ued.Outside ofthis,ourstandard term sand conditionsapply. 4.Tickets& Table Plans a.You wilbe notif ied viaem ailwhen ticketshave been sentby Vivid 2 to 3 weekspriorto the eventdate. b.Due to on-going changesin conf igurations,tableswilnotbe alocated untilthe day ofthe event. c.Should individualplace setingsbe required,you wilbe able to alocate these during the Pre-dinnerReception,provided thatthisisagreed in advance with am em berofthe Vivid staf. 5.M enu Pre-orders a.There isa setm enu forthisevent,w ith a vegetarian alternative.Vivid w ilendeavourto accom m odate any specialdietary requirem entsifrequested in advance,alergen inform ation isheld on aldishesand isavailable on request.Vivid m ustbe notif ied ofany dietary requirem entsno laterthan 2 w eeksbefore the eventto the contactem ailaddres published on Vivid’swebsite and in itsbrochure forthe applicable event. b.M enu choicesm ustbe received no laterthan 14 dayspriorto yourparty date. c.Vivid wilendeavourto accom m odate m enu changesbutwilnotbe held responsible forfailure ofanychangesiftheywere com m unicated les than 2 weeksbefore the event date. d.Ifm enu optionsare notm ade before the eventthe standard Christm asm enu wilbe served. e.Vivid reservesthe rightto m ake changesto the advertised m enu in the eventofshortagesin the supply ofparticularitem sbutundertakesthata three-course m ealw ilbe served. f.W here a party booking isform ore than 1table,please note that,once the guestsare seated,the w aiting staf w ilcheck atw hich table the guest(s)w ith specialdietary requirem entsare siting in orderto as istw ith service. 6.Beverages a.Any pre-ordered beverages,drinksvouchersordrinkspackagesm ustbe paid forin advance. b.Any drinksvoucherspurchased are non-refundable afterthe event,cannotbe exchanged forcash on the evening and are only valid forthe yearasstated on the drinks vouchers. c.No drinksare included in the ticketprice exceptw here stated. d.Pre-ordered drinkspackagescan onlybe purchased ifone ispurchased foreach and everyguestin the party.Vivid regretsitisunable to m ake conces ionsforguestswho do notrequire the drinkspackage foranyreason whatsoever. e.Atthe event,anyqueriesregarding abeverage orderm ustbe m ade with am em berofstaf atthe tim e.W e advise thatyou take yourbeverage invoice to the eventasproof ofpurchase.Anyis uesnotraised during the evening cannotbe dealtwith postevent. f.Guestsm ay not,underany circum stances,bring theirow n drinks. g.Vivid’slicense conditionsdo notperm itbeveragesto be rem oved from the venue. 7.M iscelaneous a.Pricesshown within the brochure include VAT atthe rate of20% and are subjectto change should the VAT rate change. b.Vivid reservesthe rightto refuse adm is ion,and to rem ove from the function any person,w hose condition in the opinion ofthe staf atthe venue interferes,orislikely to interfere with,the enjoym entofthe function byotherparticipants.Thisincludesnon-com pliance with the dres code stated in the brochure,on ourwebsite and on tickets. c.Vivid doesnotacceptany responsibilty in respectofany person prevented from entering the function,orasked to leave due to theirconduct. d.Vivid wiltake everycare to honourcom m itm ents-butreservesthe rightto am end oralteralorpartofthe program m e ofthe partiesand regretthattheywilnotacceptliabilty forerors,changes,om is ionsorcancelations. e.Vivid doesnotacceptany liabilty & shalnotbe liable fornon-com pletion ofthe event,orforany delaysarising asa resultsofstrikes,riotsorlockoutsafecting the ow nerof the eventvenue orany third party suppliersto Vivid and/orthe event,adverse weatherconditions,los ,dam age orcancelation due to f ire,f lood,orany othercause beyond Vivid’sreasonable control. f.Although carparking areasare patroled 24hrsa day Vivid doesnotacceptresponsibilty forlos ordam age to yourvehicle w hilston itsprem ises. g.Datesand tim ingsadvertised are subjectto licensing approvaland a suff icientlevelofticketsalesin the sole opinion ofVivid. h.Picturesused in thisbrochure are from pasteventsm anaged by Vivid -exactthem e sets,costum esand entertainm entvary from venue to venue and from yearto year. i.Itm ustbe appreciated thatVivid isrequired to book and pay forlabour,entertainm entand certain food item sin advance. j.Nothing in these term slim itsorexcludesVivid’sliabilty fordeath orpersonalinjury caused by itsnegligence,fraud orfraudulentm isrepresentation,orany otherliabilty w hich cannotbe lim ited orexcluded byapplicable law. k.Subjectto sub-paragraph (j)above,Vivid shalhave no liabilty to you,whetherin contractortortorotherwise,forany los ofprof itorofgoodwil,orany los ordam age w hich isindirectorconsequentialorw hich doesnotarise asa directresultand naturalresultofa breach ofitscontractw ith you orw hich isnota reasonably foreseeable consequence ofsuch a breach and Vivid’saggregate liabilty to you,w hetherin contract,tort(including negligence),forbreach ofstatutory duty,orotherw ise,arising underorin connection with the provision ofitscontractwith you shalbe lim ited to the am ountofthe price paid byyou to Vivid underyourcontractwith Vivid forthe relevantevent. l.These term sand conditionsare governed by English law and in the unlikely eventofa dispute,the partiesshalsubm itto the exclusive jurisdiction ofthe English courts.

W e had a fantastic night,thankyou.Itwasso wel organised and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.Thank you foralyourhard work. LISA JONES-TAYLOR W IMPEY Couldn’thave asked form ore… Guestswho cam e w ith usw ere asking fordetailsfortheirpartiesnext year. ANNETTELORD -VIRGIN MEDIA The service and food w asexcelent,the venue w as w onderful,asw asthe entertainm ent.Itw ould def initely be a party Iw ould recom m end. MAURA W ILLIAMS-COTTON TRADERS HEAD OFFICE Birm ingham Christm asParties Vivid Experience Ltd Unit8,W yclife Busines Park Luterworth.LE17 4HG Telephone:01455 557829 W ebsite:w w w .birm ingham christm Em ail:birm ingham @ Registered in England No:06288512 OUROTHERVENUES w w w .leicesterchristm w w w .m anchesterchristm w w w .m kchristm VIVID Experience