Vivid Experience - Birmingham 2023

PAGE 15 V -Vegetarian GF -Gluten Free DF -Dairy Free VG - Vegan GFA -Gluten Free Available DFA -Dairy Free Available MENU CANAPÉRECEPTION M iniature Abderdeen Angusbeefburgerwith sweetred onion m arm alade relish Crispy golden haloum ifrieswith a tangy sm oked tom ato ketchup V/GF Sm ooth chicken liverparfaitw ith English apple com pote on crisp crostini Sweetbaby belred peppersstufed with a fresh basilpesto houm ous V/VG/GF STARTERS Roasted vine ripened tom ato soup,drizzled w ith basiloiland topped w ith toasted pum pkin seeds V/GF/DF/VG OR Gin cured Scotish salm on w ith cold w aterking praw ns,a sw eetbeetrootm ayonnaise, fresh cucum berrelish,brioche crum ble and pea shoots MAINS Pan roasted breastofchicken,sage & thym e stuff ing,roasted has elback new potatoes, festive red cabbage,brus elsprouts,m aple roasted carots,pig in blanketand rich sm ooth gravy GFA/DFA OR Sweet& potato & red onion m arm alade seeded tarton roasted red peppercoulisand wilted wintergreens,topped with carotand courgete ribbons V/DF/GF/VG DESSERTS W arm indulgentchocolate brow nie w ith salted caram elice cream ,tofee sauce V/GF OR Baked m ascapone cheesecake,butery biscuitbase and jam m y bluebery compote V/GF/DFA/VGA OR A selection ofcheese,biscuits& hom em ade chutney GFA/V COFFEE& CHOCOLATES Freshly ground cofee,teasand chocolate truff lesserved from the cofee barin the room MIDNIGHTBREAKFAST Crispy bacon in f loured rols GFA Vegan sausagesin f loured rols V/GFA/DF/VG SPECIALDIETARY REQUIREMENTS Ifyou ora guesthave a specialdietary requirem ent,please m ention thisw hen placing your order.Fulalergen detailsare available on request.