Vivid Experience - Birmingham 2023

W hatisthe m inim um booking? Aswe neverm ixgroups,we have am inim um booking requirem entof8 guests. How do Ireceive conf irm ation ofpaym entsand booking from you? Alofourcorespondence isnow viaem ailso you receive everything from usin the m osteff icientway pos ible. AlInclusive Nights AlInclusive party nightsinclude inclusive house w ine,beer,alcopops,cider,biterand softdrinksalnight.It excludesspirits,cocktails,cham pagne and fairground atractionsand fun casino,how everthese can be purchased separately on the night. W hatdoesthe ticketprice include? The ticketprice includesentry to the party,canapé reception,3-course dinner,m idnightbreakfast,spectacular entertainm entand disco.Sm alchargesapply forthe fun casino,fairground ridesand stals. How do Ipayform ypartybooking? Ourprefered m ethod ofpaym entisviaan ElectronicBankTransfer.W e also acceptchequesm ade payable to Vivid Experience Ltd and debitorcreditcards. Isthere an age restriction? Guestsaged 16+ are w elcom e atthe venue,how everal-inclusive nightsare restricted to guestsaged 18+ only. W e operate ‘Chalenge 25’on alevenings,so you m ay be asked to presentID when purchasing alcohol. I’ve pre-ordered wine how do Icolectiton the night? Yourw ine w ilbe w aiting foryou (chiled ifsuitable)on yourtable asyou take yourseat.Anyalcoholpurchased beforeorduring theeventcannotberem oved from thevenue. Canweadd peopleto ourparty? Unles we are com pletelysold out,we’lalwaysdo ourbestto squeeze them in! DrinksVouchers: Drinksvoucherssave you m oney butm ustbe pre-ordered from the off ice oronline •1voucher= 1standard drink* •1voucher= 2 softdrinks* •2 vouchers= 1cocktail •3vouchers= 1glas ofMoetCham pagne *spirit& m ixer,beerorglas ofhouse wine *excludesRed Buland J2O Drinkspackages: W e’ve designed two drinkspackagesforthose wanting to enjoyinclusive drinkson the night. •Drinkspackage 1-Includesbeers,alcopops,house winesand softdrinks •Drinkspackage 2 -Includesbeers,alcopops,house w ines,prosecco,softdrinksplussingle m easure spirits You can onlyorderdrinkspackagesasawhole partygroup notindividualy.The sam e package m ustbe bought forthe whole group.Packagescannotbe m ixed. W hilstdrink packagesenable inclusive drinks,w e operate a responsible drinking policy and therefore alow up to two drinksatanyone tim e. FAQ’s