Vivid Experience - Birmingham 2023

RED 7 Rio Roca M erlot,Chile £23.50 There isbram ble fruit,ripe plum sand cedaron the palate w ith tightly grained tannins. 8 La Fam ile Lacas e,CabernetSauvignon,France £26.50 An easy-drinking,m edium -bodied wine with bram ble fruit,ripe plum sand som e subtle spice. 9 Tem pusTw o,Shiraz,Australia £27.00 Violetand purple in colourwith crim son red hues.Sweetplum and jam m yfruitswith lingering vanilaand cedarspice.The w ine ism edium -bodied w ith softtanninsand isperfectly suited to a variety ofred m eat dishesand tom ato based pasta dishes. 10 Old Station M albec,Argentina £30.00 W el-balanced acidity on the palate w ith f ine tanninsand a raspbery,apple,chery and cinnam on crum ble finish. 1 Neptune PointPinotNoir,New Zealand £32.50 M edium depth ofcolourwith atractive spicyberyand bram ble fruitsalong with blackcheries. 12 B & G ChateâuneufDu Pape,France £41.50 Deep cheryred in colourwith acom plexnose ofripe blueberyand plum and licorice hints.Rich on the palate,m ixing the characterofthe fruitw ith the w arm th ofthe spices,leading onto a round f inish w ith lively notesofm int. WHITE 1 Cape M arlin Chenin Blanc,South Africa £23.50 Fruitforw ard,fresh,fragrantand arom atic w ith tangerine,yelow and red plum sand nectarine notes. 2 LaFam ile Lacas e Sauvignon Blanc,France £26.00 Characterful,refreshing and vibrantw ith citrus,honey,nutsand elderf low erthisisw el-balanced and zesty. 3 Arcano PinotGrigio,Italy £27.50 Lightand fresh with inviting notesofripe Conference pearand adelicate yelow plum f inish. 4 Adobe Reserva,Chardonnay,Chile (Organic) £29.00 Unoaked,sunkis ed Chardonnaym ade from organicalygrown grapes.On the palate,itisabalanced, fresh and fruity w ine,w ith velvety texture and a persistent,enjoyable f inish. 5 Neptune Point,Sauvignon Blanc,New Zealand £31.50 Pure,f lavourful,intense and w el-structured w ith arom asand f lavoursofpas ion fruitand gras . 6 PetitChablisPasSiPetit,France £37.00 The fresh,wel-developed bouquetopenswith arom asofwhite-f leshed fruitand ahintofwhite f low ers.Aeration alow sa fresh,lively m ineralnote to em erge.Nice balance in the m outh betw een w hite-f leshed fruitand good m ineralacidity. DRINKS