Vivid Experience has designed and hosted world-class Christmas parties across the UK since 2008. We as a company have built a strong and enviable reputation over the years and we are now widely recognised across the UK for delivering unparalleled experiences to our guest’s year after year. The team at Vivid Experience work hard all year round to ensure our guests are treated to an unforgettable evening. All of our theme sets are designed and created in house by our talented construction team.

Here we speak to our Head of Theme-Set Construction Scott & Dave…

When did you first realise you wanted to be a carpenter and work in the events industry?

Rather than an instant decision it was a natural progression from starting in the building trade and moving through the various avenues through the construction trade to where we are now, which gives a far better insight and skill set to cope with the work.

How do you organise, plan and prioritise the work load once the themes have been set by the designer?

The ideal way is to start building one set at a time, get it completely finished then box it off and start the next theme. However, in practice the theme builds often need to run side by side which means the workshop can become a busy and complex environment. We use a variety of processes, some take longer than others, so it’s all about making the most sufficient use of our time. Ultimately, we know come install day, we need to have those themes finished.

How do you ensure that there are no delays when building the sets?

We do our best to forward think and address any problems before they arise along with the team work. Its all about planning and communication.

Does the large scale of the build worry you at all at the start of the year?

Yes it does, however like anything once we get going it becomes a little bit less daunting as we start to get to grips with the build. Due to the time limitations when installing the larger builds, we are normally down to the wire to finish the job… we have been known to pull an all-nighter!

How long do the theme-sets take to build from start to finish?

The planning stage starts the previous year in November, at this stage ideas are fleshed out and initial sketches and mood boards are created. Depending on the scale of the build, they can take about 1-3 months per set. Some of the larger builds are more organic and change with different ideas or better ways to construct them.

What advise do you have to others who are interested in working in this industry?

A good grounding in carpentry is a great place to start. We spent some time as shop fitters as well as in other areas. The skills and processes that we use here in the Vivid workshop are virtually endless, so we are still learning new things… Send in your cv!

What has been your favourite set to create?

Zulu Sundance – The magic of Africa, due to the different materials used and the certain amount of artistic licence given to us to produce some unusual sets. The reaction to this theme set as guests first entered the venue was amazing.